More Proof Karen Hanover Makes False Claims

Karen Hanover has tried to say that my Platinum Virtual Investing and Marketing System is nothing but me having private labeled Jeff Adams Websites.  That could be no further from the truth.   I have an arrangement with Jeff that he allows my students to have his websites (as long as they pay the hosting)  He recognizes that my investing and marketing system is important.  I teach at his events… many times without a sales pitch.

Every investor today needs a website, and a Customer Relationship Management Solution.  I have used Jeffs’ sites since 2004.  They work  I did not want to be a web developer in those early days of the internet to re-recreate what he did.  Jeff’s sites are very flexible and have more ability to customize them compared to any other competitor.

So they are the sites I recommend to use with my marketing methods.  Below is a look inside my members area to back this statement up.  So Karen Hanover .. once again you are a liar.  I can continue to prove everything I say.


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