Truth betold about False Karen Hanover Testimonials

Karen- you truly need professional help. I really think you believe your own crap in your own make believe world! it is just sad now!

Just a couple of quick points to point out more lies from her:

1. She states she has bunches of testimonials- unfortunately this is true. HOWEVER, she got them because during the bootcamp they set up a camera for testimonials and then every break practically beg everyone individually as you are walking in and out of the room to give a quick testimonial. This is BEFORE you know you were scammed! Not only did the bitch rip me off $30,000 but she got a damn testimonial! And then she takes these FALSE testimonials and posts them under She is unbelievable!

2. On her blog she brags about letting every post through yet doesn’t the post above from Robert Kim state comment #65 and yet she only has 17 posts showing on her blog. Am I reading that right?

And by the way, personally I would feel much better about Sal if he actually came out and stated he was not associating with her. The two of them were real close and budy budy during my bootcamp and there was definately the perception given they had done deals together. And we all know that didn’t happen! Has Sal cleared himself from her?



One thought on “Truth betold about False Karen Hanover Testimonials

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