My Reply to Karen Hanover’s Twisted Blog Statements

Let me state for the record.  I do promote launches that have a GOOD Product and Service.  I review ALL material before I endorse someone.  I will be promoting Jeff Adams in his upcoming launch for his REO Course.  Why? Because I know he does real deals, and his systems work. Others can get real benefit from his teachings (if they apply themselves).

I did not promote DC’s launch because after reviewing the  material, I did not think it was worth the price.  I have my own short sale training material at you can try for FREE for 7 days.  I will go “head to head “with DC on how to do short sales deals training  and also provide the software at a reasonable price. ONLY $49 a month – (not 1497 , or 2997, with 97 Plus charge per month.

Why Did I have an email conversation with DC?  As anyone would who is investigating promot ing someone is going to have some contact. As stated I did not like his material, and since he was not going to promote mine in return, I saw no benefit to go further.  It made no sense at all to do so.   As his  launch progressed in structure, the things he was saying were not true and I blogged about this in detail.  I feel if you sell something, there is no reason to create false hype and lies about it.  Fact is folks, short sales are work, and they are not easy.  DC says he does all the work. BULL. Buy his course , send him leads, and you get paid.  WRONG!

The email that Karen displayed to everyone was a BULK email I sent to everyone  (+100 people) after I attended the Las Vegas JV event that Jeff Adams put on in Vegas 18 months ago.  I spoke on social media marketing strategies in 2009.  I offered my presentation from the event as EVERYONE asked me for a copy.  I was also putting together a mastermind group.   However , Karen has manipulated that email

Please see the original email here:

So MS Hanover, thanks for adding to my email and making spelling errors too.

So, DC did email me, and as I stated before in my blog, I sarcastically said .. Sure if you promote me.  I knew he had no intention of doing so.  Take it for what it worth.  I am sure you can see through this latest ploy by Karen Hanover to twist things.

Another example of her twisting things is how she she posted on her blog this comment from my blog.  The only thing is the person was SPEAKING TO KAREN HANOVER to create some more fake bios of herself.  DUH .. Come on Karen .. READ correctly.  I like how you take only one part of the blog post and try to change the context!

This is NO Smear Campaign. This is fact and you are scared and running crazy now.

I see you are still manipulating emails I wrote..    I NEVER WROTE THAT

Karen we know you are a professional manipulator.  You can charm some of  the pants off some people, but you are NOT going to fool everyone.

What is my motivation to smear you?  I don’t compete with you.  Your lies have affected the lives of numerous people who had trusted you.  You have not performed.  I keep proving you wrong and catching you  in lies. You cant even remember what you are saying anymore.  You are looking very silly.

The evidence you come with SVN an MlC is laughable.   Nice Try.  Just because you want to make offers through them does not mean you work for them or are you associated with them. That is a lie and a very bid stretch of your imagination.  Gees, you don’t even have an active license.  HUH?

Jill Duggan, aka – Mr Marketing Man, Wilma Akern and others.. ROFL  ..   Do you think that your crazy insults  and your twisting the facts are going to make me back off ?  The more you do, the more ammo I am going to throw out there against you from your own inner circle. They are laughing at you.  (they just want to get paid – shame on you to keep them hanging on that way)


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