This is a sample email threat by Karen to her coaching students who asked for a refund.

Be it known that NO contract was entered into. Karen might have recorded the presentation from stage, BUT that presentation then would hold her to provide financing for deals.  She does no such thing. Recently when someone asked for money for a deal, she said that they had to qualify. That is not partnering as she promised.

Hey Karen – why don’t you post the video online ? Where is a formal contract you had everyone sign?  There is none!

Why don’t you MAN UP and refund. Do you really need the money that badly? I mean after all you did make 699K in fees in July and you are holding multi-millions in cash flowing  property as you claim (sure you are)

By the way..  How many personalities do you have?  (and you accuse me of this) Is Gabriel your middle name?


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