Does Karen or Doesn’t Karen?

The latest post on Karen’s Statement of Fact is so silly its ridiculous.  I have shortened her entire explanation down to :

“I know someone from Sperry Van Ness. So we exchanged some emails. I figured that meant I worked for Sperry Van Ness. I have never entered into an actual transaction with Sperry Van Ness, but hey, what’s that matter?”  – Karen Hanover

If you can’t reach Karen in the office.. Try her on her cell -310 – 775 – 5372 –

I wish she would stop texting me.  I don’t want to hear from her. She is like a horse fly.

BUT… Sneaky Dirty Rat.. There is something not right here.

She has been licensed since July 2007,  first with King Fisher Creation (Brokerage ) until October 2007.

Since October 2007 till September 2009 she was with Eugene Trowbridge and associates in California. Eugene can be emailed at and his telephone number is 949-855-8399 . He is a Treasures for CCIM and Education. So if you kind of connect the dots you see the trail and how she started every thing.


I doubt any of these two places have any thing to do with Marcus and Millichap.

Also to get this as a official documents anyone can log on to, then print out form 293 and request for certified License history. it will cost $20.

DRE shows she is not associate with any brokerage therefore she can not practice or offer any real estate activity that requires licensing, brokerage stuff (services for compensation for sale, purchase and etc)

Hang tight for more dirty laundry coming out soon….


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