Karen Scamover Sends More Silly Emails

Look at what she just sent to Debbie Champi. LOL Debbie was new to Facebook, tried it out , and did not really enjoy it, so she deleted her account.

Karen says that is illegal. So everyone, before you delete your facebook account, be sure to ask Karen first.


One thought on “Karen Scamover Sends More Silly Emails

  1. Duncan Wierman

    It’s amazing that this women says its a crime to delete postings on FB, and a blog … BUT this is exactly what she is doing.. Its incredible the amount of people who posted on her blog, that she either does not allow thru, edits for her own manipulation. She has to be stopped. Her evil ways to take money from people are simply shocking!

    Why cant she make money with real estate investing?
    Come on Karen.. Show us ALL your deals!


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