Karens Potty Mouth Text Win Most Viewed Today

Seems to be the most searched thing on Google today for real estate ..  Your Getting popular with all your smack talk about me, and then they seek out the truth here and on my blog.  I am up already 114% on last month traffic already Karen.  Man, you must have made alot of people angry.  This blog is after all only 2 days old. Lets see how high it can go.

If  your  “attorney” knew anything of what you were doing Karen, I honestly believe he would be mortified. Every other attorney in the world would tell you to keep your  head down and nose clear, and to do everything through the attorney.  Had you just let this alone, people would have quietly taken care of their own problems instead of letting this madness go on for 3 months. Don’t you realize that not only did you CAUSE this problem, but Karen you are now exacerbating the problem! Amazing!  Your  sheer stupidity and ego is incredible!

I guess they are all FAKE visitors too ? Hey Karen.. what you say now .. ?


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