Questions to Karen Hanover and Jill Duggan…

On your blog site site you make some accusations that are simply not true.  What is amazing to me is that Annette was Jill’s best friend.   Annette parted ways amicably with Karen and Jill and that Annette has remained silent and out of reach to anything that was happening with regards to Karen Hanover’s or Jill.  Annette wanted no part of it. Annette now has to speak the truth and defend Karen’s defamatory accusations because they are untrue!

1. Karen, Jill invited Annette to your Chicago Bootcamp as a Student.

2. Your entire staff walked out on you in Chicago for your devious behavior they did not want to be associated with you.

3. Annette helped  at the back of the room and was just trying to help Jill.

4. Jill instructed Annette to handle your emails from your VIP email account.  However Jill told her to IGNORE emails from people wanting refunds or Fast-track service based on instructions from you. Jill however did ask her to attend to emails when people wanted to sign up with you.

5. Annette was helping  Jill ( based in South Florida and also in Jill’s Townhouse ). Annette had a key to Jill’s house.   There was NO office in Seal beach.  That also was a lie.  Annette never asked you for any money.

6. (a)  Jill then asked Annette to go to your next bootcamp in Las Vegas and work the back of room.   She stayed with you in your rented Long Beach house with both you and Jill.  This is where your offices are.  Annette was there for  a few days before driving to Green Valley.   At this point you “flashed cash” 8 inch thick $100 bills and GAVE $2,000 to Annette.  Again, she did not ask you for money. (yes, you got a receipt)  You spoke to her about setting up an LLC to work for you.

(b) Karen it was your  suggestion that Jill help Annette set up an LLC in order for her not to lose her mortgage insurance. Annette went home, called her Accountant and he absolutely said “NO WAY”. That is when Annette stopped being associated with anything having to do with Karen’s business.

(c)  After the event,  you wanted Jill and her friends to go to Vegas with you where you rented out the Penthouse of the Bellagio.  Then you got into a fight with Jill.    Jill and her friends had to get  another rooms.  Annette just wanted to go home.  Karen you then  instructed Annette to take the computer and credit  card back to South Florida.   Then you also instructed Annette to get Jill’s  Black American Express card.

By this point, she saw what was happening and did not agree with your ethics of your business. She told this to Jill.

7.  Annette went home.   The next thing she has  a Police Officer at her door, asking for the items  return.  It was handed over and she never wanted to deal with you again.

8.  The email below is from an intermediary who took wrote to  Jill asking you not to defame  Annette .  Anette simply does not want to deal with you ever again.

Karen, I ask you: Where on the complaint ( posted  on your  website) about Annette Nocera does it say that Annette broke into Jill’s home????   Another lie.    All that is mentioned is the laptop, there is no break and entering  charge.  IF that were the case she would be in jail and of course  she is not.   The officer that dealt with this is  Officer Gardiner to verify.

Annette’s friendship status remained in tact until other people from South Florida got involved and Annette was blamed for the onslaught of blogs when in fact she had nothing to do with any of these people blogging.


The pathological, delusional Karen posted the police notice about the computer and how she was working for Jill and collecting a paycheck, that was never the case.

From her own blog :  You can see this was a CIVIL matter!  There was no criminal break and entering as she claims.


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