Karen Hanover Admin Assitant Joins The Fray

Good ole Karen..

If you withhold money from people long enough, they will do whatever you want them to do just to get it.  Today we have Carolyn McKee chirping like a little bird for Karen, saying she is the admin assistant for Karen who is  monitoring  the blogs.   She says she is making the blog about ME on Karen’s behalf.

Shame she does not know anything about me or marketing!   Here is one stupid article thing she said about me

Duncan Wierman recently posted (using graphical images that perhaps were meant to signify one Preston Ely) that automated investing programs don’t work. Yet Duncan Wierman himself offers automated software to find deals, and virtual investing programs, and practically claims that just being in his presence will turn you into a master investor, marketer, father, and ex-military man.


Here is the graphic she is referring to:


I feel sorry for your Crystal.  I hope there are a few brain cells left in your head after smoking so much dope.

For those of you would like to know exactly the difference between ” PUSH BUTTON, DONE FOR YOU” marketing hype and true automation and systems,   Please find my link to my article on my blog.


Lets explain more in a Video for Crystal ( just in case she still does not get it )


She continues with her babbling about another article of mine:

Duncan writes, “These people are very good at selling their products and can hype them up enough to get nearly anyone to believe in them. After all, who wouldn’t like to make large amount of money doing nothing? These supposed gurus also play on the desperation of people by claiming that they will not be offering these products for much longer because of various reasons. They force buyers to make an immediately decision which, as many real estate investors already know, is not always the best decision to make.”

Crystal.  I am not against selling courses and seminars.  I am against people who profess to be gurus and are NOT  such as the case  of  Karen Hanover.  She has NO deals under her belt.  She can only TALK the TALK from what she listened to Gene.  She is a Parrot !

I hope she ends up paying you.  You really need to  go out and find a real job that you can start helping  people and contributing to society rather than helping Karen rip people off.  Are you not ashamed?


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