Karen Hanover Falsifies Statements to Commit Fraud

Yesterday on KarnHanover.com blog, she posted a “Statement of Fact” about her relationship with Marcus and Milichap.  It only took a little digging to find out this is FALSE.  ( now since removed)   Here is an IMAGE of her blog (so she can’t claim I am manipulating) her words.

NOTE:  Karen Hanover has not been associated with a brokerage since almost last September, how could she leave Marcus & Milichap in November?

FURTHER MORE,  It is Illegal for anyone as a licensee to be working in a capacity of a brokerage without being associated with that brokerage…..

Either this email is false or the person who wrote the email MUST be crazy….

You can not be active licensee either with another brokerage as DRE states showing Gene  Trowbridge and then do your business with Marcus Milichap, or there is no way you can not have your license activated but work as an agent capacity and sale real estate with out proper brokerage.

Her license is a saleswoman license and has to be managed by a broker at all times for real estate activity and place of business MUST be known.

She is full of lies


Even what she has with Van Ness is a Violation of DRE…..

The broker at Van Ness has made it very clear that she can NOT use the brand to associate with her even though they had talked about some work relationship, also the CEO of the company makes very clear that they have been telling her to cease and desist ..

This will be posted here with the DRE original complaint!

She  knows she has been violating this and even though she is twisting the story it is very obvious that she never associated with them and they had issued many letters for her to stop the madness but she refused to:)

Karen has been inactive since September 2009, anything that any one says after that will be a Violation of DRE and possible revocation of her license

Karen is already in violation of code of ethics based on her misleading and unethical use of material which will be  submitted that to the division as well

Even though she was not representing me or any of my students in a deal as a agency relationship, she is still a licensee which makes her to be truthful and ethical in General public and to consumer which she lacks all over the place.


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