Karen Hanover is A Text and Call Spoofer

Her latest entry on her blog is that all the text messages she is sending  are spoofed.   Everyone is doing this to her!    Karen, I wonder how you learned about spoofing?  Is this why I keep getting crank calls  from someone claiming to  be calling from the FBI Headquarters  then disconnecting.  (I called them back, and they said someone spoofed those calls. ( I blogged about that on my other blog too) Remember???

You also got caught red handed by Sal Buscemi spoofing another number to get him to take your phone call.  He sent an email  to me (posted earlier his regarding his disassociation with you) that said the only way you got through to him on the phone was by you spoofing your phone number.  That is already posted in an image file of the email he sent me on another post.

If I am spoofing your text messages to me…..  Why do you keep sending me text challenging me to post links to you?

Is this your text or not ?

I post everything text you send to me.  I guess all the text messages on my other blog are all spoofed too?


Nice try on attempting to deflect the heat away from you.. NOT!

You say your legal team is responding to my blog post with rebuttals?  HUH.  You got to be kidding me? What kind of lawyer do you have ?   That post was so stupid I find it incredible you would even post it.   A lawyer would tell you to SHUT UP, get to work, and ignore everything.  You are just digging a deeper hole for you to fall into.

Yes .. I posted your text to me..

Now you say every text is spoofed… make up your mind Karen!   (or legal team writing the rebuttals )

Here is the link with my response to your so-called statement of fact ..



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