Hanover Continues To Misdirect Others With Own Self Promotion

Today Karen Hanover Antics include how her students are making her cry.  She states that they gave her such lovely testimonials.  Here is an image of her blog post:


From Rene

Author: Rene T

@everyone, Karen Hanover  has now posted the most ridiculous and staged part of a video that she edited out for the Oprah Winfrey video (see on youtube) on her website.  She  hands the woman an envelope and then gives her the NO TRACK program for free. Another poor persons heart broken with false expectations.

Karen, you know you never contacted her after that. Why would you, she had no money to get her kids off the school lunch program hence you could not take any money from her and deliver false promises. Instead you totally broke her promiced heart. You should be a shamed of yourself! Another false promise used to see if Oprah would contact you, you horiible, sick fraud! Karen, keep it all going because soon you will have nothing to keep going with other then sitting in court fighting battles and burning your money on attorneys fees then exotic vacations. You are so delusional, go get help.


Continuing on .. More evidence to back this up which we wrote about prior :


This lady is SICK!  A certifiable loon.

Help stop this nutcase.  You just can’t believe anything out of her mouth.  Her Ego is off the charts.


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