Karen Hanover – CyberSquatting Extortion Case –

Karen Hanover was trying to extort money from people back in 2000.  This gives you a good idea of her ethics.  From a decision where Karen, as the Respondent, lost (excerpt below):

The Respondent has engaged in a pattern of conduct of registering domain names that incorporate the marks of other fund-raising companies.

Policy ¶ 4(b)(ii).

For instance, the Respondent has registered  <genesisfundrasing.com>, <spectrumfundraising.com>, <hersheys-fund-raising.com>, <innisbrookfundraising.com>, <marsfundraising.com>, etc.

The Respondent has also registered domain names using numerous other famous brand names, <citibank-visa.com>, <wrigleys-gum.com>, <sunkistorgangejuice.com>, etc.

The panel concludes that the domain names were registered and used in bad faith.

The Complainant owns rights in the U.S. trademark registrations for the mark CHERRYDALE FARMS (Registered 09/07/1993; No. 1,791,779) for candies and cookies and (Registered 09/09/1986; No. 1,408,811) for candies, fruits, and honey. The Cherrydale mark has been used in commerce since 1943. The Complainant also sells other fundraising products including gift-wrap, collectibles, gourmet goods, candles, Passover foods, and accessories. The Complainant owns the domain name <cherrydale.com>.

The Respondent has engaged in a pattern of conduct by registering many other domain names that incorporate famous marks.

The Respondent has no affiliation with the Complainant and is not an authorized reseller or distributor of the Complainant’s products.

On June 8, 2000, the Complainant sent the Respondent a “cease and desist” letter by fax and e-mail. The Respondent offered to sell each domain name for $800. Discussions regarding the sale of the domain names ended after the Complainant refused to pay the Respondent’s asking price.

Registration and Use in Bad Faith

The Complainant asserts that the Respondent acted and is acting in bad faith.

The Respondent registered the domain names primarily for the purpose of disrupting the business of a competitor. Policy ¶4(b)(iii). END EXCERPT

The full website with all details is:



One thought on “Karen Hanover – CyberSquatting Extortion Case –

  1. rkim777

    There is a saying:

    “How you do anything is how you do everything.”

    Karen Hanover has been scamming people as far back as 2000, probably even longer given the time-proven truth of this saying. Unfortunately, given that her mass marketing brings in many eyeballs, there will always be people who don’t know enough about Karen to avoid being ripped off until after it has happened to them.


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