Karen Hanover Latest Fast Track Call .. or attempt to get people to sign contract..

Karen is spinning her wheels and making a deeper hole for herself.

Her email went out to get people on the call that she would be presenting properties for students that wanted to get on-board with her.

HOWEVER : On the webinar she admitted didn’t have license. She also commented several times about the SEC and that students where not paying money for deals but for coaching.

However, also stated we could go into as many deals as we want in the year. She had a BUNCH more coming from the same seller as this one. Apparently he is buying them and selling them to Karen/fast trackers. Although Karen stated she was NOT participating in these deals because wanted to get all Fastrackers into a deal first and happy before she would get involved with one. I think she said Pat Carpenter (Sean’s wife?) would be the buyer agent cause she had non-active license.

Here is the address of the property presented:

Willow Lakes Apartments
7703 Hare Ave
Jackonsville, FL 32211

Karen – what you are doing is both misleading and against the law.  This is definitely an SEC violation.  You are making an offer to get 40 students who paid you 30 K into a deal.

This is not coaching..


One thought on “Karen Hanover Latest Fast Track Call .. or attempt to get people to sign contract..

  1. rkim777

    I toured the Willow Lakes Apartments about a month ago when I was in Jacksonville for a different issue. This “apartment complex” isn’t really just a few big buildings but is a bunch of duplexes and single-family houses, some with flat roofs. The flat roofs mean that Fannie will not finance this as well as much higher maintenance costs. It is a C class property but is so spread out as individual buildings that you lose the whole advantage of investing in apartment buildings to begin with, i.e., the economies of scale. You might as well just buy individual duplexes and single-family homes if you end up buying this one since the maintenance and management efforts would be just as much of a chore. If Karen claims that this is a “pocket listing” she got from her private contacts, she is full of crap since this has been on the market for a while.


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