Karen Hanover Marcus and Milichap Association A LIE

Research into the email that appeared on KarenHavover.com claiming the VP of Investments has stated she does remain loosely associated with Karen Hanover was found to be fraudulent.


The phone call regarding this investigation into Karen Hanover “Statement of Fact”  was recorded.  I want everyone to know how this information was obtained so they can verify this.  We are waiting for the attorney to approve the posting of this recording so everyone can here…

The call recording with  Marcus & Millichap will give real insights as to what they thought of Karen during her brief and “stormy” stay there.  The agent I spoke with, Matthew Wenzel, said that issues with Karen hadn’t been brought up for at least a year, if not longer.

He said they issued a “cease and desist” letter to her way back then to stop using M & M’s name in her advertising and that they severed all ties with her way back then as well.  His exact words were, “We’ve had a lot of problems with her“.  I still can’t believe she posted that email as “proof” that she is still highly thought of there probably thinking that nobody would contact them.  Funnnnny.

In the meanwhile

Read the full story here



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