Karen Hanover Sperry Statement of Fact Explained – Another Lie

KarenHanover.com has posted a  “statement of fact”  into her association with Sperry Van Ness. LIES!  FRAUD!

It’s just an email from a broker verifying receipt of her LOI.  Big deal.  I have many of those as well from big brokerages but don’t use them to try to “verify” that I’m some guru who is well-qualified to teach commercial real estate.  Unfortunately, many newbies may misinterpret that email to be valid confirmation that she is doing deals.  That is like getting a form letter from President Obama’s administrative staff thanking me for contributing to his campaign and then me using it to imply that I am good buddies with him and was in charge of his national campaign efforts.  She is desperately trying to decry that the official company statement from Maria Dopp the Head of Personnel is not valid.


From the investigator:

There was a conversation today with the contact Karen Hanover posted on her blog It’s funny how the conversation started as I said I was just trying to get some information about Karen Hanover to possibly work with her.  He basically told me to cut the crap since he has the  read  the blog.

He referred me to his attorney, James Menke, for an official statement about Karen and Sperry.   Understandably, he he is very upset that Sperry’s name is being possibly associated with a criminal act and that if we were at a bar having a few beers that he would use much stronger words about Karen’s use of their name.

He restated that  Karen never worked for Sperry Van Ness International, although he doesn’t know for sure what the franchise owner at Sperry MCRE in San Francisco, Mike Miyagishima, was working on with Karen prior to this whole mess.

I then spoke with Mike yesterday and he said that he can’t recommend that anyone work with Karen !


We will continue to post about the lies from Karen Hanover and Sperry Van Ness. The official statement from Sperry’s attorney will be posted as soon as we get it.

UPDATE 9.14.2010

Jim Menke, outside counsel for Sperry Van Ness, left a voicemail for me.  He said they have no direct statement to offer regarding Karen but reiterated that she has been informed that continued use of the name is a violation of their trademark.

Bottom line is she never worked for Sperry Van Ness as she implies.

I can’t believe nobody checked her out before putting all that Fastrack money with her.


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