Karen Hanover – The Butt of All Jokes

Today Karen post a picture of my building with my condo and office online wondering why I live there.  Gees Karen, I like living in downtown Greenville. Like I really ever posted a different address. I am not embarrassed to live in a converted building. I never hid that fact. Why would I not want to live where I want in a most prestigious area and in a building that has been totally renovated to give me my office space and cool luxury living.

I guess Karen is feeling the heat. Guess you did not like my visit to the Scottsdale Police about your threats.

By the way Karen, the  other website you reference.. That is the site I started out with in 2003.  Its still up, but it is NOT the site I transact business on.  You can check out my business site at http://www.bankreopropertydeals.com

Why does Karen live in a house that is in foreclosure? Matter of fact,   The two addresses that Karen points out on her blog  that she used to own were BOTH foreclosed on.   So she makes fun of my building, but cant pay for the house she lives in.  You are a joke Karen.  Try as you might to discredit me, you end up looking stupid.

Below are better pictures of actually the two buildings Karen is poking fun at. They are interconnected.  I took these pictures from my iPhone as one was part of a recent movie production in August 2010.   ( John Travolta was in town )- hint hint)    The Buildings are known as “The Historical Proctor Buildings’   They are LUXURY Grade A Space.


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