More Fake Comments On Karen Hanover Blog

Today a Comment appear on Karen Hanover blog :

LMAO!!!! look Blake Morrison AKA Jill posted this reply to one of Karen’s posts on her blog

Blake Morrison September 19, 2010 at 7:27 pm Hi Karen, I know you said not to blog or give Duncan Wierman and his cronies any credence whatsoever but I have to speak up because I’ve had it! As one of your new Fastrack students, I am thrilled with the services you provide. Having owned commercial property in the past I have some knowledge regarding this subject.

What is frustrating is twofold: First he claims that you don’t do deals and that the entire Fastrack program is a fraud. Then when you do deals he rips them apart with frivolous claims as to their lack of suitability. Frankly, it pisses me off.

I can appreciate your desire for us to remain silent and not engage with him by blogging on any site including this one. I also appreciate your assuring us that you are not spending any time on it and that you don’t even read anything he posts. I understand your desire to remain focused on your speaking career and on our deals. My worry is that you have probably already made enough money and will simply quit. I know I would!

The problem Karen is that when you remain silent, his word stands as the last word and the only word. I think you should turn us all loose to say how we feel about, you, Duncan and the Fastrack program. My partners and I believe in you and stand by you as do so many of your students. We look up to you as our teacher and mentor and are glad for all you do. Keep up the good work!

HOWEVER , we have already proven that Blake Morrison is Jill Duggan and Wilma Akern. ( Gees – cant you come up with other fake names? )


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