Pay Richard Branson Enough and You Can Be Mentored Too

Today an amusing self glorification post appeared on Karen Hanover’s blog.  It appears that she thinks Richard Branson personally handpicked her for mentoring on his island resort.  ROFL.

Sure you were Karen…. or was it the Yanik Silvers Maverick Adventures marketing department?

If you head on over to:

and pay your $40K – $75K,  and you  can be “handpicked” too!

I thought it would be fun to also be mentored by Richard Branson so I also put myself on the list.  Low and behold, only 10 minutes later….. I was hand selected to be mentored too by Richard Branson.  I just had to reserve my spot immediately with 5K down.  I guess I will be seeing Karen on Necker island.   Yuck.. But I will be sure to take plenty of video for your viewing pleasure – if I don’t vomit first.

Come join me. ( Oh I forgot .. Karen stole your money .. maybe she will send you a postcard? She certainly does not answer her emails or phone )


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