This is how stupid Karen and Jill think you are….

Yesterday on the blog  the “blogger” has given clues to her identity to try an prove she is independent of Karen and Jill.    BUT they  are so baffled by all the lies they have already told and what has been said, they look pretty foolish.

Does this “blogger” really think that people are giving them any credit for this “investigative “reporting.   ROFL.   All the post are marked as poor!  No one believes her.    I keep putting evidence up to support the Karen Hanover fraud, and this blogger  keeps supporting her.    If she is not Karen or Jill.. then he is a nasty old hag.  But I guess since she has a special  fascination with me.

In the above post we see Mr Marketing man (who was already exposed as Jill Duggan,) to say its not her blog but makes up a story that its a student of theirs that is  doing it as part of school study on blogging.    But the blog was created on the same time and date of this conversation on September 4th at midnight.  What a bunch of rubbish they want you to believe

ALSO notice the two similar comments in the below post – They are either associated or one and the same.  This “neutral blogger” has just been proved once again a FRAUD as much as Karen Hanover!!

AGAIN,  Please notice just after Mr Marketing Man asked me how I like it, this blog was created with ALL the post on the same day within minutes of each other around midnight.  !!  More scams and lies by Karen, Jill and her crew!


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