Update to Karen Hanover Suit Counter Claim

Response to her counter claim will be filed shortly and posted here as soon as it is filed.   Per her student this is exactly what they were expecting because all she does is empty threats.

His quote:

“At last this law suit is desired to get her exposed in front of a judge and we are prepared to go forward full force with every thing in possession as evidence and facts.  Again facts are facts and as we have been talking about and plenty documents and people to back it up.

Unlike karen we don’t need to use empty threats and we are more patient and just will await that court date and present the case to an honorable who once will set it straight for once and all and more people are coming forward. I can not believe the support I have received from other students and their assistant with statements of facts and willingness to contribute to this case.”  End Quote

So it appears that Karen has met her match. Karen I look forward to seeing the results of this case and I know you will be exposed for what you really are.


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