Karen Hanover – Marcus and Milichap Statement of Fact – The REAL Story

So just got off the phone with Matt Wenzel himself and then Johnnie the broker for Marcus and Millichap.

Matt said:   “Karen never worked at Marcus & she is such a worthless person and he wants NOTHING to do with her and he  had worked on a couple of clients with her on a consulting capacity and nothing ever came from it. The letter was for those clients and nothing more to it and Karen has been abusing that letter and he is aware and there has been a ceased and desist ordered issued to her a couple of times”

John the broker said “She has never been a licensee with Marcus and Millichap, she has caused nothing but trouble using their brand name without authorization”  He was shocked that there are so many people lout there that are giving her $30,000 for NOTHING!!   He was aware of both her blog and how she  is manipulating the site.   Karen is  posting things for a short period of time, then taking them down so they cannot be used in court of law.   He also mentioned Karen Hanover is fraudulent and they have nothing to do with her what so ever!!!  Call and verify it yourself!


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