Possible Ways To Recover Your Money From The Karen Hanover/DC Fawcett Commercial Foreclosures Gold Rush Scam

This post is meant to help people recover their money from Hanover and Fawcett, especially those who paid $30,000 or more to get into Hanover’s “Fast Track” program, and now want their money back from these two scammers.

When I  (Robert Kim) got off the phone after filing a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), I was told (VERY IMPORTANT) that they use the number of complaints as a way to determine  how urgent this matter is so if you guys don’t file with them, they won’t consider this to be an urgent matter.

The FTC considers this to be a civil case now but, depending on how urgent this matter is as well as what a court may decide, it could be changed to a criminal case which might mean jail time for DC and Karen but only if you guys let the FTC know how urgent this is by the number of complaints they receive. To repeat information posted in a blog dedicated to this:

Federal Trade Commission (FTC): 877-382-4357 (HOTLINE)


and give the following exactly as they read below and file a complaint by phone against Hanover and Fawcett with their contact information given below (if anyone can locate Hanover’s true address, not one of the several courier and shell addresses she uses, please let us know):

Karen Hanover
Commercial Investment Education Institution, LLC
Phone: 310-775-5372

Donald C. Fawcett
Neighborhood Solutions
3433 Lithia Pinecrest Road
Valrico, FL 33596
Phone: 813-689-2300

Now to call the FL and CA attorney generals to let them know of our patron saints of the con game, DC and Karen. Perhaps the best way to notify these agencies is by submitting your complaints online.

California State Attorney General: Phone (916) 322-3360

Form to submit complaint online:

Florida State Attorney General: Phone (850) 414-3990

Form to submit complaint online:

A few points you may wish to include when you contact these agencies include (some or all of these may or may not apply to your specific situation but are just a few reminders to help you organize your thoughts):

1. Karen Hanover’s misuse and/or fraudulent use of credentials and trademarks (e.g., claiming to either be a real estate agent or strongly implying affiliations with Marcus & Millichap, Sperry Van Ness, etc., in her marketing) that is neither valid nor permitted. Misrepresenting and misleading the public. She was never a licensed commercial real estate agent with either one as she has either stated of strongly implied.

2. Hanover represented herself as an active real estate agent but she has an inactive license.

3. Hanover’s contract appears to solicit, via general solicitation, the sales of unregistered  securities as private offerings and she doesn’t have a license to sell securities.

4. Hanover’s service is unresponsive to those who paid for the most part and threatening when people ask for refunds.

5. Hanover does not provide the service she promised.

6. Hanover is still touring the country and conducting unethical practices as above mentioned while collecting money from others while continuing to use fraudulent credentials.

7. Hanover’s scam has been going on for more than year and many victims now appear to be filing lawsuits.

8. Donald C. Fawcett misused his massive database and fraudulently endorsed Hanover as well as fraudulently sell many other questionable products by proclaiming how great they are without actually knowing what he was selling. A contract exists between Hanover and Fawcett showing Fawcett’s involvement in this scam by him creating and managing the bank accounts into which “all gross receipts” were deposited.

For more on this as well as ideas on recovering your money,

visit Duncan Wierman’s blog at: http://tinyurl.com/hanover-fawcett-scam

Good luck to all who were scammed by Fawcett and Hanover.

Robert Kim
E-mail: rkim777@yahoo.com

Duncan Wierman and Robert Kim are neither attorneys nor qualified in any way to render legal advice. Be sure to contact your own legal counsel regarding this issue.


13 thoughts on “Possible Ways To Recover Your Money From The Karen Hanover/DC Fawcett Commercial Foreclosures Gold Rush Scam

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  2. Sam Robnett

    I constantly read & hear about real estate investors, experienced and beginning, getting caught up in a story like this. Please use caution and diligence when considering dishing out any money to a real estate “coach”, much less 5 figures. I think it is doubtful that anybody in the industry less that 10 years, has a good sense of real estate fundamentals, and creative formulas to create and preserve wealth. I’m just figuring out real estate investing & I have been working for almost 10 years, working 70 hours a week, 51 weeks a year. Some of that time is brokering deals (I’m a licensee out of Nevada), but I’m also working on my own estate.

    Anytime there are upfront fees (Like MLM) be careful & be mindful about a person’s background and qualifications. My advice to create wealth in real estate is to find a real estate broker that understand your goals. Find a broker that you feel that you can trust & has the strength & integrity to represent their client. Majority of the information those scam artists sell probably haven’t been used in a practical fashion by those shysters & that information could be obtained by working with the right real estate broker.

  3. Robert Kim

    Just got done with the Dandrew Commercial Triage event this weekend. It was quite good and I learned a few valuable things from it.

    I was surprised to see that Dandrew and DC Fawcett are still working together as I thought from previous comments here that Dandrew was holding stand-alone events after DC paid Dandrew to take over the commercial part of the CFG fiasco. I was greeted by some of DC’s representatives. I posted some pretty nasty things here about DC as I believed that DC was still working with Karen Hanover on the Fast Track scam. They are willing to provide solid proof that the money from the Fast Track scam goes directly to Karen. They are also willing to show that they have been refunding money for CFG in the valid cases.

    Accordingly, I believe that I owe DC and his staff an apology for my misunderstanding about his having any major role in Karen’s Fast Track scam. I am now pretty convinced that Karen is the only fraud and scumbag in the theft of millions of dollars related to this. While it is still hard for me to understand why any gurus would heavily market info products by people like Karen without checking them out, it is a common practice and I can see how easy it is to do so since everyone seems to do this. Just yesterday, I got an email from another guru for whom I have great deal of respect and he was marketing the Sean Carpenter government grants info products. I’ve already received phone calls from people who said that they were ripped off by Sean and Sean has apparently already been exposed for claiming that he was working on closing a non-existent deal in Dallas with Karen. This guy should be thoroughly checked out before marketing any of his stuff, in my opinion.

    Again, I’d like to offer my apologies to DC and his people for misunderstandings about his involvement with the Fast Track scam. It will take a bit more effort to get gurus from just blindly marketing untested products to their trusting students and followers. Now I have to finish eating the crow I am now having for breakfast.

    1. Steve

      I will be pursuing a refund for Cfg.
      The last time I contacted Dc’s support department, I got the run around by them saying that the refund period had expired. I don’t think I’m interested in working with the Dandrew group because that’s not what i signed up for. Is there anything you can do to help? Please contact me for my contact info.
      Thanks, Steve

      1. Robert Kim

        Steve, how much are you out? Did you go into Karen Hanover’s Fastrack “program”? Karen is the only one who has anything to do with Fastrack. What did you sign up for?

    2. Big Al

      Thank you for your commitment to accuracy, Robert. I watched the whole thing happen from within the real estate marketers’ circle and it appears that Karen Hanover is almost totally to blame for this fiasco.

      DC should have researched and verified her claims better, it is true. But that mistake, which I admit I have committed myself (since real estate gurus use a little hype for sure but are rarely as audacious as Karen was to make and repeat such a huge lie, fabricating the entirety of her expertise and experience). No one expected this any more than you expect your family doctor with his white clothing and stethoscope to really be Frank Abagnale doing a bald-faced Catch Me if You Can number on the whole community.

      So thank you for putting the parties involved in perspective, considering the authoritative decrees elsewhere on this blog calling him a scam artist as a result of that launch.

  4. Reginald Weithers

    As a newbie Real Estate Investor I couldn’t find my niche. I was hesitant and uncertain as to
    direction of interest. Did not heed Karen or DC Fawcett’s call to action when presented with their
    Commercial Foreclosure Gold Rush program.
    Thank God…

    From previous dealings with DC Fawcett and his
    Virtual Short Sale Investing (VSSI) program with its
    $3,000 price tag. I suspected he was not on the up
    and up.

  5. Mitch MacDonald

    I paid the D.C. Fawcett corp. the first of a 2 payment installment for his VSSI Short Sale system on Jan.7th and canceled in writing on Feb. the 1st. One week before the 30 day guaranty was up.
    I know, this was really dumb, but I did that with a bank debt card.
    The “head of their support team”, Julio Otero, acknowledged receiving my email and said that D.C. had to approve the refund and then he would tell me where to send the product back. Once he confirmed receipt of the product in good condition, he would issue me a check right away for the full amount less a 5% restocking fee.
    That seemed reasonable, I had all his contact info and he was very nice.
    Then I missed the red flag! He called me on Fri. the 4th and said that D.C. would be out of the office, but would be back on Monday to approve the refund. Then he apologized for the inconvenience. The Terms and Conditions state that your refund will be processed in 3 business days and that “no further recurring charges will occur”.
    Just like he said, the first thing Mon. the 7th I received an email from him with the address to return the product with a notice to receive a refund of the full amount of the course. Well I just thought that he made a mistake thinking that I had paid the full amount. Da!
    When I checked my bank account I found that they had taken the other payment out on Sun. the 6th. This was on exactly 30 days and six days after I had canceled.
    It was Wed. the 9th before I could finally get him on the phone. He agreed that the 2nd payment should have never been charged and that he was sending an electric transfer of funds as we spoke and taking off the 5% restocking fee.
    Just the answer I had hoped for. He said that it could sometimes take 3-5 days to go through the bank, but I assured him that knowing how my bank works, they would post it the next day.
    Well you guessed it. It’s the 16th, I’ve talked to my bank 3 times and there is no record of a transfer for that amount or from the D.C. Fawcett Corp.
    I have also gone back and forth with Mr. Julio with emails about this and without getting into all the details, he has just been blowing me off. And now the last couple of days he will not reply to my emails or return my phone calls at all.
    I tracked the shipping of the product and they received it at their warehouse on Mon. the 14th in what I’m sure was good condition. I never played one disc.
    My bank said if I bring them all the documentation in person, they would go after the money on my behalf. But I will be out of town until Mar. 7th. At this point I don’t know if I’ll see a refund for the first payment, let alone the 2nd.
    Right now I’m out a total of $894.
    Is there anyone out there with any suggestions?
    Maybe Mr. Wierman, if you see this.
    I would be grateful.

  6. Reginald Weithers

    To Mitch MacDonald: This is not legal advise. I am
    not an attorney. Take this as a suggestion only.
    1. Stick with your bank they can be helpful in
    obtaining your refund. Cooperate fully to obtain
    2. File complaints with Federal Agencies such as; The
    Better Business Bureau, The Federal Trade
    Commission and The FBI. Leave a record of your

    I wish you the best of luck in your endeavor.

  7. Sam Robnett

    Reginald,is pointing everybody in the right direction. If enough people came together to file criminal and civil charges (Class Action), then those crappy people would be where they belong. Where ever state Fawcett & Hanover are based out of, it would be good to contact that District Attorney in that state.

  8. Duncan Wierman

    I had tried to rally everyone before to file a class action before, but

    1. The attorney could not trace any assets to karen hanover, so there was nothing to recover for his work.


    2. People were unwilling to pay the attorney his fees to proceed…

    The best we can hope for now, is that the cash Karen Hanover has stashed is shown to be fraudulently obtained. They are holding 200K at the moment and a hold on her bank account..

    I am pretty sure DC is holding funds from the Home Study course sold on the launch…( which in my opinion is a bunch of crap, stuff that is not going to get a deal done …

    Just promoting Loopnet to get deals is stupid…

    Loopnet is where deals go to DIE!


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