Ali to Karen Hanover Message

Message from Ali requesting me to post this to Karen Hanover,

Karen Hanover is FRAUD, did I say that loud and clear, yes F R A U D.  I am laughing hard. She is on the defense. Is that all you can do Karen????? I am not as stupid as you are to make fake things up and put  them on the internet to CON people. We have evidence over and over what kind of a  (person) you ARE.

You are a Legend in your own mind………  Still Cant Sop Laughing how much of a FRAUD you are….
I am not going to get into a internet battle.  I am going to settle this  in a court of law.

Stop your EMPTY threats.  READ THE FINE WORDS.


People are informed about you NOW.   We have exposed you and will continue to get you in court.


In the blogo-sphere, you are the loser.   Your posting on various blogs are nothing more than you  trying to CON people into believing you.  You are a pathological liar!

As my email says I am not afraid of you.   You do not know what I have in my possession against you until it comes out at DISCOVERY TIME!   I will do my share of  talking in court..

We have  all the evidence to provide to the courts how much of a FRAUD you are. You abusing the legal system with your nonsense denials and empty threat that doesn’t scare me.    Your threatening to subpoena Duncan and his IP addresses doesn’t scare him and it’s going to put you in a worst spot.  We will let the JUDGE decide who is the Fraud and also who is running scare and is a LIABILITY to the general public and is not SAFE for consumers.

I am NOT exposed to any liability whatsoever because I am speaking the FACTS.!    Fifty ( 50 + ) people are going to testify against you don’t LIE!    I am not damaging your ugly image  but rather exposing  you  for the FRAUD you are!

We will see soon who is ridiculous in COURT. I myself, Duncan and the rest of the people you have scammed are READY for you. We  will enjoy seeing  your nine attorneys in court.  I still cant stop laughing. A nyone that falls for your BS at this point must be CRAZY!

Your days of stealing peoples money and defrauding people and misleading them with all the Lies and fake press releases are almost OVER.   Why will anyone invest a dime with you? People will assume that  “where there is SMOKE there is  FIRE”

You should put up one of your transactions that you have done (NOT) on your blog…….

You are a very SAD person Karen Scamover.


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