Karen Hanover Scam –Her Faked ID Calls The Kettle Black

Today, Karen Hanover once again tries to discredit me saying I have been hosting Fake Blog Comments.  ROFL  She claims that all the post about her on my duncanwierman.com/blog are from me ..  Gad.. Like I have nothing better to do then post 800 comments.  This is going to be fun to disprove this one.

Well Karen, I have already exposed you and Jill Duggan for being multiple Identities on my blog.   In all fairness  on my blog I have also now exposed DC Fawcett for doing the same thing.  You are both guilty.   I have been completely open.  You have manipulated my responses on your blog and you have done the same to Robert Kim.  You are a LIAR!

I have proofed up everything I said and I will continue to expose you. I can’t stand how you are ripping people off !  My hosting my blog  has been an expose’ on your business practices and your shameful activities.  You got caught big time and you are running scared!

I look forward to hearing from your discovery team.  You will be quite surprised at what information I have at my disposal.  Hint – If I have your client list.. I have more!!   Then the entire world will know without a doubt the type of person you are!

Karen –  I am not sure you are aware of the Electronic Frontier Foundation : http://www.eff.org/issues/free-speech I will have quite a bit more backing behind me than you think!!

Your comments about Ali trying to settle with you are also a lie.  He has stated he is NOT going to settle for pennies on the dollar when you made promises you did not deliver on.  He is going to go all the way with his lawsuit.  Your counter claim has no merit.   You are a shameful human being which brings dishonor among the real estate information industry.

Karen – I EXPOSED DC – NOT YOU!  You just happen to read my blog !!!
Lets look at the image proof below !
Original post here

Now lets look at Karen Hanover blog where she says she exposes it .. DUH .. One full day after I did.
My blog is Fair in reporting.. I also don’t edit comments nor not post any on my site.


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