Hanover Does Not Have An Original Idea

Karen Hanover on her other blog….. whoisduncanwierman.wordpress.com can’t even come up with her own ideas.

Today I revealed that I have the backing of  EFF.org and the American Civil Liberties Union.  Obviously she is running scared. Karen knows she has no chance to get me to hand over anything on my blog.  So she has searched the EFF site to try and find away to see if there is anything she can use against me.  She copied probably the entire post on privacy rights.  LOL.  I have called Karen out and exposed her.  I guess she thinks her business activities  falls under some sort of privacy protection.  NOT.

Karen, you are looking like a FOOL.  We have captured so much evidence against you that you have no case! You have been caught doing the very things you are yourself accusing me of.

My attorney agrees that I have done nothing wrong in regards to bring your (Karen) actions to light.  We are all waiting in anticipation for  your  lawsuit so we can get to a discovery action so we can ask her every question we can to prove our case.  I believe this will be an extremely funny event.

I believe the discovery will be like:

Attorney to Karen Hanover:

  1. Karen can you please provide us with all your credentials and experience and what you have accomplished
  2. Karen please provide all your designations and sources
  3. Karen please provide us with  a list of fast trackers that have had success.
  4. Please provide us with what you  have done in respect to what you have promised

    and things like that ……………

    I can’t wait !!!!


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