Karen Hanover Desperate – Trying To Deflect Attention Away From Herself

Karen Hanover  is desperate and trying to deflect the truth. She is being very reckless.  As for her behavior… its not going to come in handy for her in the court system.   She is  a huge liability to herself and others   Being an outlaw in her case will not do her justice. Whatever she did before becoming a real estate agent maybe  is the best way for her to go back and lay low.

Everything will come out in the wash. When it does I will reveal it here and once again I will prove Karen Hanover as a liar.

As for the  “reporter” as they so like to call themselves (whoisduncanwierman.wordpress.com), would not be writing on that blog in a way that is SO childish and stupid if they really were one. That reporter should be embarrassed.

A real “reporter” would reveal themselves first of all.

Second, a real reporter would actually report something. There is NOTHING of substance on that site.

Furthermore, a real reporter would have so much respect for the 1st Amendment they would let comments through. It’s ridiculous.

Karen Hanover is simply trying to once again throw up a smoke screen to divert attention away from herself. She thinks that creating confusion and the “unknown” is going to make her seem legitimate. Nope !

Karen, people are laughing at you and distancing themselves from you. No matter what you throw at me, I am not going to stop exposing you for what and who you are. You are a disgrace!

When you don’t pay your speakers or hotel bills, you have basically alienated yourself now from any legitimate speaker support!   Any speaker who promotes you or hangs out with you now has to be out of their mind. Its instant lack of credibility for them.

The only people left supporting you are the ones you have baffled with your BS that you are going to make them rich still. Very soon they will give up on you will have nothing left.


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