Karen Hanover Tries To Intimidate

Yesterday on Karen’s personal Facebook Page, she posted about a call with an attorney in my local area for advice..

What advise could these attorney give her???   Here is how it works..

You call an attorney and tell them your story…     Yes, your story,  just as you believe!   (You see where I am going?)

So the  attorney will say  “Sure lets look at it and jump on it.   That is s how they make money, retainers and hourly performance, they don’t guarantee good results,  rather than representation

Next they jump and sue.  (that’s worst case scenario)   First you have to go through the initial serving and responses.  When it comes to “discovery”  time then the attorney  is going to realize what I  have on her  and who their client really is….  So,  if she still has the cash, you keep on going.

With the large amount of people who are willing to come forward and give their evidence,   the judge can easily see who the scammer is.   Karen wouldn’t have a moment in front of a judge with every thing against her and what she has done!  There is no loophole of doing people wrong the way she has done.  Karen can TRY to make it a contractual thing,  but  she  has already defrauded people and those contracts are not binding when there is fraud involved.  That is the bottom line!

Karen Hanover is about scare tactics  and creating the unknown..   “The What If  Doubt” in your mind!   Karen Hanover is putting up a fight out of desperation!!   Why?  because  if she doesn’t  do so her game is  over!

Karen is also buying time to make more money.  Why not try to drag it out and scam some some more  people.  She works on the basis of   “only god knows what will happen in a year”.   The reality is that some people are  questioning her  now but some still will get suckered!!

Karen  knows if she gives in right now it looks as if she has been defeated!  Karen Hanover  is abusing the legal system and milking as much as she can!   SHE HAS NO CASE!

Judges don’t like frauds and scammers.  There is just too much evidence against her.   By Karen trying to clean up  her Facebook account and her other postings, comments,  contracts and other documents now, it is just too late.  The documents I have  (along with everything else)  are priceless.  She has no idea what I am holding about her. When she does realize it, I can’t wait to see the look on her face!

Those who still are  “charmed” by Karen.. Reality Check time!   Lets’ say if she really does comes up with a property for these Fast-trackers….. who is gonna pay for due diligence and then who is gonna pay for closing costs?????  Karen falls into an SEC situation because her contract says coaching not selling properties or representing people to get in a deal!  The FEDS  have Karen Hanover’s name already.

Karen Hanover will go down sooner or later.  People will never see a dime of their money coming back unless they are willing to take action with me.  The more people are complaining, and the more that I do,  the better it will be!   If you have not yet  filed a complaint with the California Division of  Real Estate,  Do it !   You can be anonymous, all these things count, lets be proactive.

Karen is using  cash from her students and is going to go through it fast.  Karen has  no leg to stand on.  What she has done is fraudulent!   Karen is simply trying to deflect things away from her and is doing some very stupid stuff  in the process.

Duncan Wierman

PS.  Hey Karen… FYI,  I got great advice from  http://www.bostwickjassy.com/clients.html Look who they also represent!


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