Karen Hanover WordPress Blog TERMINATED

Karen Hanover blog shut down tonight ! http://www.whoisduncanwierman.wordpress.com  is dead.   See for yourself…
ROFL..  You should not tell lies Karen!   I will continue to fight everytime you put up a blog to discredit me.



2 thoughts on “Karen Hanover WordPress Blog TERMINATED

  1. Rick Ford

    What a dumbass. With an SC IP address you think tht blog was by Karen? And you think the damage wasn’t done? You’ve still got a thing or two to learn about the business world.

    How exactly is it that this even effects you? Why do you care? Why are you blogging about it? Get a life and a real job you poser.

    Rick Ford

    1. Duncan Wierman Post author

      WordPress blogs don’t give you a state , county Ip Address of the creator of the blog. DUH !! – I got a court order to shut it down! I know!

      Why do I care? Because she RIPPED OFF some of MY students! There is overwhelming evidence she is a thief.
      Why do you care to protect her?

      I think you have a lot to learn about business. Since you may also ripoff people in your restoration business, you find that gives you reason to support Karen ? READ the evidence. There is NO disputing it!!

      UPDATE : I checked Mr. Rick Fords IP address and his website. Supposedly Mr Ford has a furniture restoration business in New Jersey (as per his domain name email address), BUT ..

      When checking the Ip Address – It comes from ….TA DA… ORLANDO – Just where Karen Hanover is having her boot camp starting tomorrow.. how coincidental ??

      Orlando Ip address or Rick Ford


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