Duncan Responds to Karen Hanover Fast Track Email

Karen is merely trying to protect herself and keep your money.

1. I have posted her email to me about a “supposed” Discovery. Please see it

2. Marcus and Milichap DO Care.  Their corporate attorney is now drafting an OFFICIAL statement as they are tired of Karen abusing their name. I will post it here as soon as I get it!

WHY.. Because Karen is now under investigation with the California Department of Real Estate  (DRE )

Karen was  a licensee with Gene Towbridge.   She has only been with two brokerages per DRE and it is illegal for a licensee to hang a license at one brokerage but work at another brokerage. You can work under one principal broker at any given time as a sales agent, BUT you cannot work at 2 different brokerages at one time.

If you are a licensee, your license needs to be associated with proper brokerage, until then you cannot claim that you  work or have worked there. As a licensee you must comply with state statute and represent yourself properly,.

Karen is claiming that she she worked behind the back door.  It does not count, that’s misrepresentation.!!!

DRE does play those games.  We shall see how DRE sees this as a violation because Matt’s corporate was not showing affiliation with Marcus and Millichap as I was told over the phone by one of the deputy.  The official documentation to this will be posted here as soon as I get it.


3. CCIM Cease and Desist Letter – Please call them yourself to verify in the meantime.  I will post their official letter shortly.  They do not appreciate her use of their mark.  You are not allowed to promote yourself  even as  a “CCIM CANDIDATE” .  She has gone as far to actually  say she is a  CCIM  ( as per her facebook info – don’t bother taking it down now Karen, we have screen-shots already submitted to CCIM as evidence)



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