Karen Hanover Continues To Downplay Her Shameful-Actions

Sure, Karen .. How can you continue to try and even pretend you are legitimate?

1. You threaten everyone with a lawsuit who asked for a refund previously. That is why you are in court with other students suing you.

2. Marcus and Milichap is going to release an official statement about Karen Hanover and her legitimacy. However NOT in her favor!

3. Karen has not served me with any Discovery Request.  She sent me an email threatening me with one. Does not count! Even if you do serve me .. It will be QUASHED!  You have no case as I am a 3rd party and you are in court as a civil matter.  The EFF.org and American Civil Liberties Union are on my side.  You have no grounds for my server records. I am not going to be intimidated by you.  I have already contacted your attorney about your threats.

4. We will post the letter from CCIM in regards to your Cease and Desist Letter shortly!  You can run, but you cannot hide.

I hope the time has come Karen, that you may be listening to me and refunding people’s money back. You have left MANY people high and dry. To think that it had to come to a lawsuit to get the ball rolling for you to realize this. By you claiming that it is a contractual matter is ridiculous. At anytime there is fraud involved in a contract it becomes void! You have lied to people, you have misrepresented yourself to them, you did not disclose to people you had properties in foreclosures, and people relied heavily on your “fake” credentials thinking you are an expert, but in reality you are not!

Click on the image below to see more responses to her absurd comments.


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