Karen Hanover Legal Threat EMAIL Exposed For What It Is

Karen Hanover is just tooo funny, or stupid,  Perhaps both.  Or is she  just a Sociopath?

In my last blog entry,  Karen has mentioned in her e-mail to her Fast tracker students that I did not publish an email she had sent to me regarding a  “discovery of information” action.  ROFL!!!!

Lets examine the facts!

1. Her email said it was confidential!

2. There is nothing legal in the email.  He attorney simply is saying this is a “type of document” that would be served and suggested dates if the motion was served.

3. Karen still has to get PERMISSION from the court in NV before they can attempt to serve me!  They haven’t even gotten that far yet!

4. Karen is on a fishing trip!  If she does file for my documents, its’ against my First Amendment rights! Any  Judge will QUASH it immediately upon request!  I am NOT a party to this CIVIL lawsuit. This is between Hanover and Ali!   This is Karen Hanover ABUSING the legal system!

5.   Why is she sending it to Debbi Ciampi ? Who is Debbie but another commenter on my blog !    Is Karen trying to sue anyone now who speaks out against her???

Is this the best you got Karen?  Come on ..   Hit me with your best shot..

There is more information coming that I have in my possession to expose you !!  Your game is going to be over and you will have to refund all those you took advantage of!   (no more “thinking about it “)  Oops, I forgot that is why you are moving to Florida so you can achieve asset protection just like OJ Simpson did.  Is that why you are buying all your cars and other luxuries now so that when you do move to Florida you will be protected?

You should be ashamed.  People worked hard for the money they gave  you.  You are leading these people on.  If they continue to deal with you… at least I can sleep at night knowing that  I have done my part to expose you as another Bernie Madoff.

They have to get PERMISSION from the court in NV before they can even attempt to serve you with this. They haven’t even gotten that far yet!

4 thoughts on “Karen Hanover Legal Threat EMAIL Exposed For What It Is

  1. txreinvestor

    I am really disappointed as I received an email today from a well-respected real estate trainer who sent me an email promoting Preston Eli. He sent me a video promoting a Hummer giveaway contest.

    I did some research on Preston Eli and he portrays himself to be a Christian. I feel like he is exploiting women in his video. He also says in his video he is one of the top real estate wholesalers in the country. Is this another Karen Hanover Scam?
    I wonder if he could show proof of that?

    I am so sick of all these fly by night scam artist out there and I am very upset that this well respected real estate trainer would ever send me anything like this. Who do you trust anymore?

    Sara Johnson

    1. Duncan Wierman Post author

      Not again. UGH. This is incredible. Just watched the video ..

      I can’t believe that he had to resort to WOMANIZING to sell real estate courses. You just gave me an idea for my next article. “Is Sex Really Needed To Sell Courses?”

      I would definitely ask for PROOF of being the Top Wholesaler in Tampa. Does he still sell real estate now or was it back in 06 when anyone could make money?

      What happened to the NEVER open the doors again promise he made?? .So now we have to have another round of spam emails.. ? Looks like he has 106 other promoters lined up to send emails..

      Very disappointed .

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