Karen Hanover Runs From Fasttrackers Who Confront Her


2 thoughts on “Karen Hanover Runs From Fasttrackers Who Confront Her

  1. Robert Kim

    This would be funny if not for all the hurt victims that Karen Hanover stole money from. Karen is truly a complete fraud who I hope goes to prison for a long time.

    Still wondering if Sean Carpenter is supposed to appear on stage with her to peddle his government funding package after telling people that he had completely cut ties with her. I know of several gurus who are supposed to be clients of his who are now keeping a close watch on him and what he does. As I once heard from one of my residential rehab mentors, behavior never lies.

  2. Matthew Pape

    I wanted to do this same thing with a particular Luxury Homes Guru that everyone thinks is so funny and informative but barely ever seems to have students with good results. He screwed up a deal when I paid his negotiators 10K to take of my deals and they screwed it up. He was speaking at a wanna-be Guru’s seminar who’s name, if you change a vowel, would be the same as an internal organ.

    Well the wanna be blew up the Luxury Homes Guru saying, “He’s amazing, informative, he’s my mentor, guru, and a friend.” I wanted to interupt the introduction and ask, “So, how many deals have you done with him?” I disgressed because Karma could kick him in the butt anyway.

    Plus I kept bugging the hell out of the Luxury Homes guru until he finally agreed to refund me the 10K that weekend.

    He RARELY does that for anyone. Just call me the MATTster negotiator!


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