Karen Hanover Now Posting As Students on Her Own Blog

This is hysterical.  Rebecca Smith is a fastracker who was burnt and has been complaining to everyone about being ripped off.. now Karen has taken to posting AS Rebecca Smith on her blog claiming how wonderful Karen is..


Gees if that does not take the cake.  Another attempt by Hanover to cause confusion and take pressure off her.

Btw .. I still have not been served any lawsuit!  Come on Puffy Fish Karen.. we are waiting ..


2 thoughts on “Karen Hanover Now Posting As Students on Her Own Blog

  1. Robert Kim

    Karen Hanover was modifying my comments at her blog to make me look bad so I just stopped posting comments there. She really is a fraud and crook. I hope she and the people helping her all go to prison.

  2. Becky Smith

    I am the real REBECCA SMITH you can call me any time you want to hear from a real fastrack student that has been ripped off for OVER 30 THOUSAND DOLLARS and I talk with 27 other victims pretty regularly now. They are all filing there complaints with the proper authority’s and also the FBI is taking in complaints for their investigations please call into 1-310-477-6565. Karen helped me to open this case by having someone (maybe her brother?) pose as a federal agent and threaten and intagenize me. I am a victim to KAREN HANOVERS FRAUD. And that is pretty twisted what she does to the VICTIMS that are out here blogging to be heard. She is worried because I am a threat because with my blogging I am pulling in more and more VICTIMS. If you have any questions or would like to talk with more VICTIMS Please feel free to call me @ 714-523-1546 THE REAl REBECCA SMITH


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