Karen Hanover Tries To Set Me UP As Hacker

Karen Hanover has a virtual worker (VA) in SC. We have already exposed her and discussed this as she was posting for Karen on the http://WhoIsDuncanWierman.wordpress.com blog until I had it shut down.

So on Karen personal blog post she tries to infer that a “hacker” was trying to access her Facebook account from SC,  but the dummy she is doesn’t look at where the last attempted login is.  (  I live in another part of that state. )

Look closely as it says access “ FROM AN APPLICATION” !!  So let’s explain how  she created this image.   She has her VA  sign into her Facebook account around a time she was on, then install an application from a different IP address, then you can recreate this security check very easily the next time the real user logs in!

Good Try Karen, but not good enough.  Don’t worry, the FBI is now checking you out too.. I can see your criminal mind behind this trick..


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