Karen Hanover Braggart –

Today on Karen Hanover Facebook wall, she goes on about how she is offering people $1,000 dollars for jackets off their back to give to a homeless man at Starbucks, then go on about how everyone should help..

So Karen, why did you not buy him a cup of coffee with something to eat, or go and take him with you to WALL MART and let him shop with you?

By making yourself look so good in front of everyone, that is your reward on earth.  I guess since you will be going to hell for ripping people off, that you figured there is no heavenly reward for you anyway?



One thought on “Karen Hanover Braggart –

  1. Matthew Pape

    This also reminds me of a line in the Tao Te Ching.

    “Those who know, do not talk, those who talk, do not know.”

    Some of the kindest people I know don’t go around telling people, “Hey guess what I did today? Look at me, look at me!” They never intentionally bring anything up unless it comes up in conversation.

    That’s the way.



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