Karen Hanover Exposed – Her Plot Will Be Stopped!

Check out the below “sample” newspaper article that I expect you will soon be seeing. Of course it has to be vetted with the editors of the various newspaper publications, and it will probably be ‘cleaned up’ a bit.. however with the sheer amount of victims coming forward, the story is going to get bigger and of more publicized. She can try to shut me down, but I am going to stand up for every victim that has lost money with Karen Hanover. She is a disgrace to the real estate guru industry. If there was an award for worst, most unethical, over hyped guru.. Karen Hanover would win.

Why Karen am I continuing to call you out ? You still have not provided any service to my students , readers, and friends who signed up into your fast track. Then you tried to belittle me to increase your credibility by publicly claiming I was dishonorably discharged and you also stated publicly that I was a dead beat dad. You may have deleted those post or don’t think they exist since your whoisduncanwierman.wordpress blog was shut down.. but I still have all the evidence against you. WordPress is being subpoena’s for the full database of post and Ip’s and confirm you as owner of the blog.

You will be hearing now from my attorney to SUE YOU for public defamation. Do you think I am going to roll over and take your nonsense?


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