Karen Hanover Attempts To Break Attorney Client Privilege

Karen Hanover does read my blog even though she insist she does not!   How do I know? Simple.  She has read that  I am recommending Dobens Law to assist everyone of her Fast trackers who lost money.

I can now confirm that Karen Hanover has written Charles Dobens, Esquire  an email letter telling him how great she is.  Karen goes on to expound on her self-proclaimed greatness by talking about her “supposedly”  upcoming talk shows, infomercials, and public appearances and endorsements.  Karen then attempts to “bribe” him by saying she can give his firm many more clients, and she would like to discuss for Dobens law to take over the “investment branch” of the Commercial Foreclosure Education Division. ( Huh, What investment branch is that? )

Dobens law is a law firm that provides true services to both new and experienced multi-family and commercial investors.  They have real credentials along with owning their own portfolio of commercial property. (unlike some guru we know )

What Karen Hanover is really trying to do is to break attorney client privilege.  If a working relationship was established, then the attorney client privilege protection that Rebecca Smith has  (de-frauded Fasttracker now a client of Dobens law) would become void.  Karen Hanover is a sneak!  Karen knows about the Rebecca Smith relationship already by way of reading my blog at http://www.duncanwierman.com/blog.  Rebecca has stated this many times.

Rebecca Smith started with Dobens Law about 1 month ago and is completely happy and excited about the personal services and help she is receiving from them.  Rebecca has stated that she has received more information to grow her business in 3 weeks, then anything she has every been promised and not received from Karen Hanover.

Charles Dobens Esquire has politely declined Karen Hanover offer!




2 thoughts on “Karen Hanover Attempts To Break Attorney Client Privilege

    1. Duncan Wierman Post author

      Shame that the write NEVER followed up with the outcome of the case, or even read the transcript!
      There was no case. and NO Jillian did not put the deal together for Charles Dobens..


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