Karen Hanover Continues to Lie and Pose As Others Makeing False Blog Comments

Today I found on Karen Hanover’s blog new comments that try once again discredit my training from names of students that I don’t have and never existed.  The “fastracker student” supposedly had my course and was disappointed, but does not come forward with her details beside a first name and a state.  Why not?   The fast tracker student also goes on to say that Karen is the real deal and helped her get a deal and Karen has real commercial credentials.. ROFL.  Right .. either this person is delusional or an idiot. Not to worry , this person does not exist except in Karen Hanover’s own mind!

As you can see in the images below, that the person does not exist a a customer in my Customer Center at all!  The same blog post has comments Karen Hanover posed as Rebecca Smith that say I am a fraud and Karen is great !  Yiks.. We know that is not true since the “real” Rebecca Smith is in fact being sued by Karen to try and keep her quiet and shut her down from complaining to all the other Fast Tracker students.


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