Karen Hanover Lies about Jillian Sidoti

Today, there is more nonsense from Karen Hanover on her Facebook account.  Karen is trying to say Jillian Sidoti broke the law by representing another attorney in an SEC case.  WT ??

Note to Karen…. No attorney is ever guilty for representing anyone!!

The fact is that Karen Hanover lied on stage at her Commercial ShortSale event saying that together they had done over 300 million in private placements.  This is a LIE !  The video tape of the event has Karen on tape as proof!

Thank god for honest people out there who do the right thing. Why would anyone associate themselves with Karen and her madness?  ( You can fool some of the people who follow you on facebook, but those in the know.  are simply monitoring you for a laugh)

BTW .. What happened to that fantastic C class property you said you closed on and flipped right away ?  Which fasttrackers out there got their money yet ?

A  “C” class property is the worst investment you could get into.  I guess that is why you are not personally involved and you are putting naive fastrackers into a very risky investment if you ever did close on it!



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