Karen Hanover – CCIM Candidate Status after 10 years….

Enough said.. How much longer is she going to say she is a “candidate” ?? Isn’t it about time to be a graduate?


4 thoughts on “Karen Hanover – CCIM Candidate Status after 10 years….

  1. Duncan Wierman Post author

    CCIM also prohibits the use of the term “CCIM candidate” for advertising purposes. http://www.ccim.com/guidelines-use-ccim-institute-candidacy

    Guidelines for Using Institute Candidacy
    No mention of candidacy status may be made on b…usiness stationary, in advertising, websites, brochures, contracts, documents, promotional materials, or any other publications. A candidate may not refer to themselves as a “CCIM candidate” or by any other means imply it.

  2. Duncan Wierman Post author

    You can find the breakdown here.. but it only usually takes 1 to 2 years selfpaced.



    The current core curriculum consists of 5 classes though only 4 are required.

    * CI-Intro begins by teaching the fundamentals of the commercial real estate industry (not mandatory).

    * CI-101 is Financial Analysis which focuses on the valuation of property

    * CI-102 is Market Analysis and focuses on using cutting edge technology

    * CI-103 is User Decision Analysis and jumps into the world of leasing.

    * CI-104 is Investment Analysis.

    After completion of the required courses , you must submit your portfolio of qualifying transactions to the institute for grading.

    The final task to complete is the final exam which is offered by the CCIM institute twice per year.


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