This Is How Dumb Karen Hanover Is

Karen recently wrote on her blog about why  A and B Class property makes no sense….

Karen..  How would you know …. YOU NEVER DID A DEAL IN YOUR LIFE.   The only things you have done so far is  take peoples money promising Coaching  and put them into a deal… yet you do NOTHING. You have been reported to the SEC, the State Attorney General , not to mention your better business rating is an “F.”  The FBI has an open criminal investigation against you ..

Your idea of investing in C class properties with NO money down is a sure sign of stupidity.   You have  NO idea  what you are getting into.  Most investor lose their shirts.  Yes, I will admit that some people are very good at making money on problem properties, but it’s not for everybody. Certainly NOT Karen Hanover !    The properties Karen is recommending are going to end up eating her loyal fast trackers for lunch.  Karen Hanover has not done one deal herself to even be considered a guru. Plus she herself says she is not going to be investing in these deals herself.  No wonder…

Karen Hanover is the blind leading the blind.  Fast Trackers who simply follow her are not going to be prepared for the much higher management effort that is required along with all the other work  and money needed to reposition these properties she promotes.

I hope Fast trackers do their homework.  If they had a legitimate experienced multi-family specialist, PERHAPS  a  “C” class property COULD be a cash cow.. BUT AGAIN … ONLY  if you know what you are doing– because if not, Karen’s  suggested properties could drive you into bankruptcy.  Just do your homework and be very conservative on estimates of rents, expenses, etc.  Don’t believe the Hanover Hype!

Karen Hanover is  leading people down a very slippery slope to ruin!  Karen ( or should I say Hilary Koster)  has the audacity to call me a novice guru and that I have not purchased any commercial real estate.. ROFL..

I did my first commercial flip FIVE years ago!   I am happy to show you the check !!!  Can you ????? Where are YOUR deals Karen Hanover .. There is NOT one …

@Karen Hanover …  PLUS You have your FACTs wrong. ( again )

Charlie Dobens was never criminally indicted or even investigated for any criminal acts. No investors complained and no one will find one complaining investor against Charlie or his wife. As a matter of fact, many of his investors have stood by them and have steadfastly defended them.  Several of them have since provided a testimonial on behalf of Charlie. There were certainly no lavish vacations.

Jillian Sidoti wrote the PPM document for the Preakness property. This was not the subject of the investigation, the CIVIL investigation, by the SEC. This case never went to trial – there was a reason for this – there was nothing to go to trial over. The SEC admitted, in testimony, that the Sidoti created documents were sufficient.

Jilian Sidoti has NOTHING to do with the SEC investigation.  She stands by her client, it’s that simple. Previously, Jillian has ignored Ms. Hanover’s rants because they are just ridiculous, but at this point,  Jillian Sidott will be having my attorney send a cease and desist.

The only fact you have right is that I do own a Trooper as ONE of my vehicles that I use off road.  BUT I also have other vehicles ..  DUH

By they way..  You just got a judgment against you for 100K for your cookie dough scam you pulled ripping off  CHARITIES.  (that is the lowest of low).  You attorney Pederson stated that you are declaring bankruptcy  next week because you cannot pay ..   ROFL.  I also  understand that you are having difficulties paying your own attorney!!  WT ??

You still have bills from all your events unpaid, speakers unpaid, liens, foreclosures.. gees you really are a SOCIOPATH.

What .. did you burn through all your fast track student money already ??


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