Karen Hanover Had Seller and Agent Howling With Laughter At Offer

I see Karen is now trying to create her own school for commercial advisers???  How Funny ..   The only thing is that she never closed a deal herself yet, and she cannot get CCIM accredited!   CCIM is already a nationwide respected designation for commercial investing. You need to check out the below  letter of intent / offer she made that had agents  howling and then you will understand how ludicrous her plan is.

I think Karen and Sean would benefit from  our www.MultiFamilyInvestingAcademy.com event.

Here are the funny parts in the slide show…

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See the full LOI here she wrote here:->>> http://karenhanover.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/LOI-1-25-10.pdf

The thing that cracks me up is that they actually have the balls to put up $500 earnest money deposit on a $6MM deal.  The brokers were howling over this one. And they wonder why they can’t close a deal? She doesn’t have the 1% earnest deposit that is standard on all multi-family properties.

And, and, the deal is contingent on them getting 100+% financing!!!

Go home children. Let the big boys play.


11 thoughts on “Karen Hanover Had Seller and Agent Howling With Laughter At Offer

  1. Debbie Ciampi

    If I received a contract on a $400,000 property with a $500.00 deposit I would rip it up ……….
    You are right they must be laughing at this.
    $500.00 down on a $7,100,00.00 property…….This does not happen in todays world……But bow would Karen Hanover know anything about todays world of Real Estate….? This Industry Insider does not own any Commercial Real Estate and I highy doubt she will any time soon.If there was something she owned people that have judgements against her can attach it…..Right Karen ?
    Sounds like she is wasting time presenting deals that would never fly to say “Look at all the deals you could have been in.” Fasttrackers wake up and smell the “Willow Snakes”……….

    What happened on that van ride ? What happened to that deal ? Only those real fasttrackers and a few others really know……

    Everyday its more BS on her facebook about nonsense that never happens……and she still does not stop.

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  3. Robert Kim

    You guys are too hard on Karen. Karen Hanover’s CCREA “designation” has a rather rigorous curriculum:

    Pay $30,000, listen to Karen blow hot air for about an hour on a teleseminar, and *voila* you, too, can be certified to do absolutely no deals.

    You now have a nice certificate costing you $30,000 that tells the world that you got ripped off by Karen Hanover, one of the biggest frauds in real estate education ever to be exposed by the latest and greatest in technologies, social media.

    As a reminder to those who got ripped off by this complete scumbag, a summary on how to report Karen to the proper authorities is at:


  4. Karen Hanover is Not Real

    Good dreaming and yet another lie by this scumbacg. All designations MUST be state approved by department of real estate
    Only thing waiting for a final approval from that department to her was have Federal agencies waiting on sidelines so they can put cuffs on her sorry ass and get her locked up where she needs to be.

    The certificate will read


  5. Karen Hanover is Not Real

    Also if this stupid made up/non existent so called designation was never approved or in place why was she claiming it herself. Karen Scam over is far beyond STUPID. scroll down on Duncanwordpress when some of here so called credentials was this..but now she is waiting for final approval???? Karen, you are a JOKE. you belong no where but in a prison so someone can show you all the designations you can imagine…. you are not far from that moment

  6. Debbie Ciampi

    @Karen Hanover is not real………..
    You sound very to the point. You must have lost money to this self proclaimed guru…..
    Maybe I should be doing a deposition for you 😉
    Which I will whenever this loser actually depo’s me.
    White collar cases come down to a paper trail….or in this case live video……even better.
    Selling the fantasy of success….It is only a matter of time before she starts to screw up which is already happening…..people are watching now Karen Hanover …..no one is affraid of you…..loser .

    1. Duncan Wierman Post author

      And to think she is still marketing herself as the queen of commercial deals.. Here inside her e-book she is giving away as part of her marketing is more blatant lies..

      Its a wonder the authorities have not shut her down yet… (its coming tho)

      Karen Hanover Spreads Crap Credentials and Lies

  7. Duncan Wierman Post author

    I found it online here :


    NTOE: Now Sean Carpenter is trying to discredit me, Jillian Sidoti, and Charles Dobens. Seems he is going on a social media smear campaign to protect his involvement with Karen. It looks like I am going to have to bring his dirty laundry out into the open now… I am sick of these scammers and the truth must be told!

    1. Robert Kim

      Thanks for the link, Duncan. I’m surprised that Sean is getting into the fray now. Several months ago, he left a voicemail for me to call him back and we did speak. It sounded like he just wanted to be left out of this mess and said he would email references on his credentials to me (which he never did). One thing I did pick up on is that he isn’t doing nearly as many deals as he leads us to believe in his presentations. His credentials could be as fake as Karen’s. He could very well be the Karen Hanover of the government funding arena.

  8. Duncan Wierman

    He is probably pissed off that his name is on the offer Karen Hanover put forward with him.. I just put a link to it from Karen own blog.

    Sean Carpenter has posted a video and article about how I am promoting scammers.. LOL .. It was traced back to his IP address, even tho he was trying to hide behind one an address is San Francisco.!! I am giving him 48 hours to take it down

    If not, Sean is going to be in my spot light.. I think you are right about him all along.


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