Karen Hanover FastTrackers – Led Astray ?

I received a very odd email from a “John Mathews”  (claims not to support either me or Karen ) He  says he spoke to one of the people on Karen Hanover facebook wall posts, and he told me  that this “person”  claimed Karen Hanover is waiting for funding approval on her “Willow Snakes” deal and that there will be FORTY (40) Fasttrackers involved.

But who in the world is getting the financing?   Why? I thought Karen Hanover said this was a no money down deal and  that she was going to flip it using the only owner financing?   How is Karen going to get  a loan when she has VERY POOR credit and she has no assets.  (* A lawyer checked and said there was nothing to pursue if Karen Hanover was sued!)

Her Fastrackers can’t get any credit and they have no experience either .. something is very fishy to me.  She is jerking those Fasttrackers along and they must be so gullible. Obviously they are living on hope and a prayer.

  1. The million dollar question is how are they involved?
  2. Are they members of an LLC?
  3. What percentage ownership?
  4. Have they seen an operating agreement?
  5. Do they know what a membership in that entity means?

For all they know, they may be on the hook for future cash calls when the property runs out of money because that is what the operating agreement says.




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