Karen Hanover Shoots Off Mouth and Removes Customer Complaints From Her Facebook Page

Karen Hanover is at it again. She is shooting off her mouth and of course she is so full of lies.  She is ridiculous.  I was forwarded the screen-shots in this post .  The person who took a screen shots  wanted to see how Karen reacted.  Sure enough, Karen deleted any negative comment against her!!  Poor Jeff Douglas, he tried to reach out twice about the  boot camp she supposedly had…  but of course KH deleted the comment from him both times!  (see image ) This behavior has been observed many time before him.  If you go through this blog in detail you will see more evidence of her behavior.

Karen thinks she is above the law.  She can sue whoever she wants, but she has to prove  herself that  what was said is not true.   That will be fun when all we have to do is ask about proving her credentials. Her work history, her 10M in deals she did, etc.  There are 40 fastrackers who will testify against her. The open FBI investigation, FTC, SEC, and more

What she quotes a  saying  some judge says about writing on the internet … applies to her to.     Remember the blog she put up about me.. http://www.whoisduncanwierman.com??? Yep… I have grounds to sue her too..  She has both said things against me online that are not true and I can easily prove them, as I already have on this blog.

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