Karen Hanover Must Be Having An Episode

Karen’s Facebook page is once again the ramblings of a very confused mishmash of stupid comments.

My responses below …

1. Karen recently lost a lawsuit against her !!  Lets call it  “cookie dough-gate”  The judgment against her  is over 100K .  She had her lawyer contact the plantiff and try to claim bankruptcy. LOL.. She found out that that would not let her walk away from her debt.  No wonder she knows that.

2. Enough said.. I guess she is relating to herself  being a skank or a ho???   I never said that.   Anyway Karen, don’t forget all the things you said about me !  This is what started it..  You are NOT above the law.

3. I am not selling, or sharing confidential information! I am not competing with your business.

4.  Well, Karen .. you have to prove everything you have said is truth.  We know it is not.  You deceived people to buy your product based on your credentials and experience.  You can not produce them as they are totally a figment of your own imagination.

Karen.. do you honestly think you can win a defamation lawsuit?  All I have to do is counter sue for your rubbish talk you put up on your now defunct http://www.whoisduncanwierman.wordpress.com blog .  I have more on you then that too..



One thought on “Karen Hanover Must Be Having An Episode

  1. Karen Hanover is NOT REAL

    @ Duncan

    She is a BAD JOKE! she is so stupid making up stuff and references..LOL put up the case law if you gonna refer to some thing Stupid TRASH:)
    yes the Skank that you are!!!!!!!!!

    Karen Scamover is LEGEND in her own MIND ONLY!!!! we got lots of surprises for you..BY the way IRS wants to speak with you soon:) What do your attorney have to say about not paying your taxes??? Don’t forget to bring your check book……. their judgment should be few pennies out of your pocket as you claim in your stupid, baseless counter suit that you have lost $2,000,000+. WHY DON’T YOU JUST PAY THEM FEW THOUSAND YOU OWE??????Only a stupid trash will say stupid stuff as you say to contradict yourself.


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