Where is Karen Hanover?

She disappeared..

Her Facebook accounts are deleted.  She is not at her house to be served!  She does not show up for depositions.

If you are one of those Fast Trackers that were giving her the benefit of the doubt, and living on hope and a prayer…

I think her jig is up !!!  It’s now time to come forward and make yourself  known.

There is no apartment closings, There is no events going on, She has no hard assets, ….. Her credit is poor, she has a F business rating..  She has no staff working for her…  She was living in a foreclosed house and driving a leased vehicle..

I think her world crumbled around her …  It was bound to happen….




7 thoughts on “Where is Karen Hanover?

  1. Robert Kim

    This may be the time when Karen Hanover decides to take all the money she scammed off of people and leave the country. I’m guessing she will head for a country in Latin America where nobody knows her since the cost of living is cheaper and the millions of dollars that she stole from others will go further.

    When Karen’s remaining supporters finally realize that they’ve been ripped off by her, they get absolutely no sympathy from me. The proof of her fraud has been thrown in front of them many times and they turned a blind eye to it.

  2. Debbie Ciampi

    Karen Hanover has accused other people of doing all the things she does……People now see right through this. She is supposedly a great speaker and will get away with it for awhile….However like I keep repeating the facts are the facts. You can not change or hide from the facts.She self promoted herself all over the internet and now has been trying desperately to shut Duncan’s site down because people can get the TRUE facts from the internet…..I bet someone made her take down facebook……She must be besides herself that she can’t brag about all the money she has, trips planned, and incredible deals in the works. After repeating herself for months and still not closing a thing the questions would be pouring in………..Does anyone know where the event is being held this weekend ? If there even is one…..

  3. Duncan Wierman

    I think she is running scared. I would bet that the authorities are probably trying to question her, and she thinks that by deleting her social media accounts (where she made all her claims and showed her spending tons of money..) she can erase the evidence of her deception.. wrong!

    Many people have een watching her for months now and recording screen shots (as I have..)

    On a recent American Greed Tv show, one of the reporters says a sure sign of a fraudster is to watch somebody pour through money without showing any income creation at the same time.

    He also said , the bigger the lie, the more people tend to believe them and not question them…

    1. Ben Garizi

      American Building Construction, Inc.
      General Building Contractor
      16 Wildwheat, Irvine, CA. 92614 Cell. (949) 923-0949 Lic. #927935
      http://www.abcthebuilder.com (866) ABC-8738 abcbana@gmail.com


      A few years ago I started a construction business in California. As a general contractor, I have generated jobs for many sub-contractors and their employees. I have built a beautiful water view house on Naples Island in Belmont shore, 5812 E. Appian Way, long Beach California 90803.

      After I finished building the house, recession arrived and my construction lender City National Mortgage denied to refinance the house I could not sell my house neither refinance it. I had to rent it in order to be able to pay the house mortgage. As a result, I rented my house to Dr. Andrea Buck on 11/1/2008. To make long story short, I received only the first month rent plus security deposit.

      To my surprise and only after two months, my house was occupied by her Realtor Karen Hanover who was not even listed on the rental contract. None of these two occupants paid any more rent up to now, Karen Hanover caused my other tenant in Park Estates Long Beach not to pay rent either, as you can imagine, I was not able to pay my mortgages and forced to file bankruptcy.

      As documented, Karen Hanover stated that her father is a judge and threatened me repeatedly that I could not do anything and she is going to take over my house without paying a dime to me after my house goes to auction. She has continued to live in the house without any contract or paying rent ever since. I hired two attorneys but they could not make them pay rent or leave and my house is still occupied by them without paying the rent. They caused me lost my credit, business and my entire life saving, the result of many years of my hard work and my children saving gone down the drain, lost my houses, damaged my family and myself mentally, physically and financially. Now, I am out of money and bankrupted.

      I can not afford to hire another attorney, I am asking for help to get my right, fair judgment and my house back.


      Ben Garizi

  4. Robert Kim

    Ben, I’m not an attorney and only familiar with eviction/ejectment laws in South Carolina and Georgia, but can you get rid of this walking bag of $hit, Karen Hanover, using the trespassing/vagrancy laws in California?

    As this thing called Karen is not listed in any contracts, I’d say it is trespassing and subject to removal by the police under criminal law, not just civil law. I’d call the police and see if this qualifies as trespassing.


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