More Karen Hanover Websites Go Missing

What do you think it means… First her social media accounts, now her business websites…

I think the FEDS are on to her and she is destroying evidence.. but little does she know that GOOGLE caches all this data ..

She also was under a litigation hold NOT to delete anything, pending a defamation and libel lawsuit !!!

Do you think its because she says  “she will partner with you and give you the money to do deals “? ( no money down too?

See for yourself


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2 thoughts on “More Karen Hanover Websites Go Missing

  1. Karen Hanover is NOT REAL

    Yes little does she know that NOT only we have screen shots, every thing can be captured and retrieved from different sources. At the end is that the internet will not be her best friend to cover up all her frauds, lies and misrepresentations.
    SHE NEEDS TO BE PUT BEHIND BARS , with anyone that has assisted her so far including, staff, associates, other speakers or so called GURUS or even legal professionals if they have assisted in her CRIMES and FRAUDS.


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