FBI Just Called Me In Regard To Karen Hanover Spoofing Me as an Agent

I just had a very interesting call from the FBI.  They called my number not knowing who was going to pick up the phone.

The FBI had received the phone records from the company that you can pay to spoof people. It turns out Karen Hanover was using the service to call multiple people who were posting comments on my blog. (Including me)

Remember I posted about this before and I went as far as to go to the Scottsdale Police station to talk to Jill Duggan’s brother who works for the FBI on special assignment.  His office denied he called.

The FBI is on her trail and was wanting to confirm the call and what was said..

Turns out that  its a federal offense to impersonate a federal investigator!


9 thoughts on “FBI Just Called Me In Regard To Karen Hanover Spoofing Me as an Agent

  1. Debbie Ciampi

    What are you saying here ?

    Who was the spoofer ?

    This is big time FEDERAL ?????????

    She has threatened a whole bunch of us (on record) but
    who is the fake spoofer…………pretending to be FBI

    OMG OMG OMG OMG Let me guess……..

    It has to do with KAREN HANOVER and this make beleive story she has created, the mind of A delusional storyteller….

    Guess you can’t pretend to be the FBI, just like you can’t pretend to be other phony made up people >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Hello Public…….that are left wondering ….WTF…. Do we get it yet….hope so.

    Funny she did not brag about this on facebook when she was blah blah blahing about everything she has been up to………….

    Hummm…….. should we add this to her credentials
    the list is getting longer. I bet the FBI has a lot of work ahead of them…………..so many jobs and personalities ……and guess what ????????????I am speaking of one person
    Karen Hanover……………

    Hey Karen,
    My father taught me when I was growing up not to take anything that did not belong to me. I am glad that your father taught you how to speak…It got you far and you must be good at it…………..

    But in the end…….not really.

    1. Robert Kim

      ROTFLMMFAO!!! Oh…please! Can’t breathe! Duncan, please stop! Gotta stop laughing and catch my breath! Whew! This cracks me up! I may book a plane ticket to see Karen’s trial! LOL! What a maroon! Thanks for all the laughs!

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