Karen Hanover Landlord Joins The SCAMMED

Just heard from the landlord of the house Karen Hanover is living in on  Appian Way in Long Beach, CA   Ben (the landlord)  had come across my blog only today.

I feel for this guy.  Karen Hanover  has lived in his house on Appian Way rent free for 2 years without paying him a dime!!  Karen Hanover  has refused to be served, she has threaten him and bullied him all the way as usual and has told him if he shows up to the house she has a gun!

What a Nasty B*^(*^

Ben( the landlord)  said he rented the house to her ” wife ” who happened to be a Doctor and then she just made one payment and since then she has lived rent free.  Karen Hanover forced him to file for BK, she now owes him $150,000.

Karen  also went and told other tenants not to pay him and he lost 3 properties and his life saving  and his kids college pension because of Karen Hanover.  Karen Hanover has used a separate attorney and as usual she has filed all kinds of nonsense to drain him financially and so on.

This guy said he had no knowledge of  my blog  until today when his attorney had given him the info and he was so shocked to see she has been scamming people left and right but now makes sense as she has put him through hell.   Ben ( the landlord)  is a general contractor and he said he bought the house back in 2006 and demolished and rebuilt a brand new house and Karen is the only one that has benefited from it.



9 thoughts on “Karen Hanover Landlord Joins The SCAMMED

  1. Matthew Pape

    DAMN, that’s heartbreaking as well as sickening. That action by Karen also deserves one hell of a beat down. I hope she goes to jail for fraud for the rest of her life.

    I’d love to see her students who still defend her have to say about this.

    Any idea if you can get Ben to give his story on your Blog?

  2. Matthew Pape

    Another thought on my mind. How much was scamover paying her Attorney to protect her from paying rent? Unless she was getting the work done for free by referring clients.

  3. Debbie Ciampi

    Wow………She even threatens the LANDLORD…..
    What a sick bitc…………

    I wonder how all the threats are working for her now ?

    She is above giving anyone what she owes them….
    This is clearly just one big game to her. She has no respect for anyone…………

    1. Robert Kim

      Gee, Shannan is even on video heralding what a great person and mentor Karen is. Who woulda thunk her praise of Karen depends on something as trite as getting paid?

  4. Lee

    Karen Hanover stole $3K from my husband and I. She posed as a landlord, renting a house out. We gave her our deposit and she ran with it. Never got the keys to the place. A few months later, a friend of ours did work on a house for her (not knowing our story on Karen) and she never paid him either. She ended up foreclosing on the property. How is she not rotting in jail?? What can I do to get her thrown back in jail for life? I read something about an FBI agent, that I’m going to contact and tell him our story on her. People like her need to be put away for life. She is pure evil. I don’t know how she sleeps at night.


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